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Ruhabad mausoleum

323 Samarkand

Rukhabad Mausoleum (‘adobe of spirit’; also spelled Ruhabad, Ruhobod, Ruhabod, Rukhobod, Rukhabod) is one of the first edifices erected during the reign of Tamerlane (Timur) in Samarkand, one of the oldest historic buildings in the city. It was built in 1380 over the grave of Sheikh Burhan al-Din Sagarji (also spelled Burkhan al-Din Sagarji, Bur(k)haneddin Sagarj...

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Bibi Khanim mausoleum

303 Samarkand

The majestic blue domes of the Bibi-Khanym Mosque are the unusual sight.It takes one’s breath even from understanding the scale of construction of this monument, impressing with its size and beauty. In antiquity the dome of this mosque was compared with the dome of heaven and the arch of portal – with the Milky Way.

As well as all Samarkand monuments the Bibi K...

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290 Bukhara

Speaking of the Bukhara’s unusual monuments, first of all, we should tell about the Chor-Minor madrasah. It is located right behind Lyabi-Khauz, in the open space. “Chor–Minor” is translated as “four minarets”. This name is well justified: the corners of the square-rectangular madrasah building are really decorated with four small minarets...

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Сквер Амира Тимура

329 Tashkent

Сквер имени Амира Темура – центр нового Ташкента, в котором воз&#...

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Мечеть Хазрат Хизр

312 Samarkand

Мечеть Хазрат Хизр, являющаяся одной из самых почитаемых духо ...

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