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Uzbekistan Travel Guide

General Info

The Republic of Uzbekistan — the land of ancient culture and the great historical values. The main cities have ancient and rich history. Among them are Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, Khiva, Kokand, Termez and others.

Being located on the routes of the Great silk road, they were major centers of international caravan trade, where there was a convergence of different Nations, exchange knowledge, ideas, mutual enrichment of languages and cultures.

These cities, like precious pearls, absorbed all the originality and unique beauty of this region while allowing both would be transported in the atmosphere of the medieval city, to feel its flavor. Familiarity with each of them will allow you to learn more about the history and original culture of Uzbek people.

Uzbekistan possesses and other resources, attracting a large number of foreign guests: the desert and the nature reserves, rich in various species of animals and plants (sometimes found only in Uzbekistan); the mountain peaks and rivers of great importance for development active kind of tourism; mineral springs with healing water; traditions of applied art and the original culture of the country.

About the country brief:

  • Official name: Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Area: 447.400 km 2
  • The population of 31.1 million
  • Density of population: 50.1 per one km2
  • Capital: Tashkent
  • Religion: Islam – 88 %, Christianity – 9%, and religion.
  • Time: GMT + 5 hours in winter, + 4 hours in summer
  • National currency: Sum (1 sum = 100 tiyin)
  • International code: + 998
  • Language: Uzbek – official language, Russian – language of international communication
  • Electricity: 220 V AC, 50 a; standard double plug socket


The Republic of Uzbekistan is situated in the Central part of Central Asia between two rivers: the Amudarya and Syrdarya. In the North-West of the country is located on the Turan lowland and the Tien Shan mountains and the South-East of the territory – the mountain ranges of Pamir-Alay. Kyzyl Kum desert is located to the North of the country. Uzbekistan borders Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.


​1 Jan New Year

March 8 international Women's Day

March 21 Navruz (Central Asian New Year)

May 9 Day of Memory and Reverence

1 September Independence Day

1 October-Day of Teachers and Mentors

December 8 Constitution Day

Dates vary Chait (Kayd-al-Fitr) and Kurban Khait (Kayd-al-Adha)


The climate of Uzbekistan is sharply continental. The average monthly temperature in winter — 10°C to + 3°C. Summers are hot and dry. In the summer the temperature ranges from 35°C to + 45°C. Autumn is warm enough. And this is the season when delicious fruits and vegetables are in abundance at the markets. At this time the average temperature is + 13°C.

National Currency

All payments are made in sums – the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The currency exchange points are available in the main offices and branches of banks in every city of Uzbekistan. Most convertible currency in the country is the US dollar and the Euro.