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General Information

Area: 143 , 100 square kilometers .
Population: about 8.1 million
State language: Tajik
Capital city: Dushanbe
The State Holiday: Day of Independence – September 9
Currency: Somoni.
Symbolics: Flag of Tajikistan, Emblem of Tajikistan
Nationalities: Tajiks (79.9 %), Uzbeks (15.3%), Russians (1.1 %), Kyrgyz (1.1%), others(2.6%)
Climate: sharp continental
Natural resources: aluminum, coal, oil, gas, iron, zinc, antimony, mercury, gold, tin, tungsten, boron , carbonates, fluorite, precious and semiprecious stones
Major cities: Khujand, Kurgan – Tyube, Khorog, Kulyab , Penjikent
Major industries: mining metallurgy, water-power engineering, textile and clothing industries.

Popular destinations

Hike to Varzob with picnic

Varzob gorge is a beautiful mountain area within a short drive from Dushanbe. The main attractions of the gorge is a waterfall and Guzgarf river valley Siema. There are many picturesque places and recreation centers where you can relax or have a snack.

Hissar Fortress

Hissar was the capital of the province of Eastern Bukhara and was in the hands of the Emir of the Emir of Ibrahimbek until 1924, when it was defeated by soldiers of the Red Army. The fortress overlooks the market square surrounded by a caravan-shed and two madrasahs, one of which is an ethnographic museum. Other unique historical finds near the Gissar Fortress are the Makhtum Azam Mausoleum, Masjidi-i-Sangin (“The Stone Mosque”), and the natural spring of Chashmai Mohiyon.